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Weekend in Croatia

Published on August 8, 2016 under Travel

Weekend in Croatia

Three years as a married couple passed unbelievable quickly. This year as usual our 3d wedding anniversary should be memorable and special. Perfect place to celebrate it would be somewhere by the sea. First time we decided to take advantage of our hometown Vienna geographical location and made something new – a short road trip over a weekend to Croatia. It was a nice experience to see the countries nearby. I was very impressed by greenish Slovenia – beautiful and lots of mountains in pure nature, but a few cities and towns around the road. Sometimes I had a feeling we were driving through an untouched National park. 

It took us almost 6 hours driving before we came to be in Verudela, Pula. Here I felt the atmosphere of relax! Almost no wi-fi, no selfies, no glamour. Peaceful mornings, beautiful and warm seawater, sunshine, delicious ice cream, bright sunsets and night walks, talks and star watching. And imagine some people are living there and having these advantages for granted! I suppose it would be my dream life to live by a warm sea. 

Just a few sunsets and we must leave. Swimming in all the beaches around in the early morning, satisfying breakfast, new taste of ice cream, sunbathing at our beach. Then a road to Rovinj for a lunch and finally back home to Vienna. It would be great to make more similar small trips in the future.