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Streets of Valldemossa

Published on March 28, 2016 under Travel

Streets of Valldemossa

Valldemossa is a charming village on Mallorca island (Spain). When I saw photos of Valldemossa in Internet I thought it is a tiny place with some beautiful streets. 

The village is not that small. In my opinion the most beautiful streets are almost empty, because lots of tourists enjoy the architecture in the central area, where are the castle, the park, restaurants and shopping. But if you go a little bit further you would be surprised – almost no tourists there!

I am not a big fan of architecture,  but Valldemossa and other cozy places break my heart. It is impossible to have a walk without taking lots of photos.

I am keen on soft and warm colours of houses. I like simple, but extremely effective and extraordinary decorations. I adore a lot of greenery. I really like those things. I have a feeling that this town has a soul, has something special.

“Keep it simple” – could be a motto of Valldemossa. The idea of hanging flower pots on a facade is so simple, but so effective. Nothing special, but the look is wonderful. When I saw one simple decorated house, than another one and all in all the whole street – I was speechless!

The thing is the whole town is decorated and it seems to have endless cozy streets wherever you go. I would love to come back one day! :)