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Streets of Menton

Published on July 11, 2016 under Travel

Streets of Menton

French Riviera…Do you remember last year I sung the praises to beautiful Cote d’AzurI’m in love with this place and I can’t get enough of France. Every time is so special and different. Probably in the past I would think it is boring to go to the same places each year, but it is really not! Obviously I try to explore this area. This year as usual we rented a house in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin next to Monaco and went to Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 2016, one of my favourite tennis tournaments so far. Besides tennis and some work we had a chance to go to Menton.

I wasn’t really prepared for a sightseeing there, I just had four new towns in my bucket list and Menton was one of the nearest. The bus 100 Nice-Menton is a find – cheap tickets and hilarious views, what more could I ask for! The road from Monaco took us less than 30 minutes and we began exploring the town.

First we walked through a bit crowded streets in the direction to Promenade de la Mer. We weren’t inspired to be honest and moreover we didn’t expect Menton to inspire us. We were ready to give up and leave earlier, but…I gave a try to go up to basilica. It is a spontaneous thing what we did, but it worked for us twice during this trip and last year in Valldemossa. Just go up! I will try to do the same in my next trip.  

Ta-da! We didn’t expect that! Wonderful tiny streets, lovely plants, open windows and even a delicious smell of french home cuisine. I cannot describe how happy I was. Life is beautiful! Almost everything was stunning there and it was a joy for me to capture these things! Enjoy these beautiful streets through my eyes! :)