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Any tips to relieve fear of flying?

Published on July 21, 2015 under Personal, Travel

Hi all! As you can guess from the name of this post I’m afraid of flying and it seems I cannot do that much against my fear, but (!) I found some ways to make my flights less stressful and more relaxed. I know that I’m not the one and home that my experience could help a fearful flyer.

The photos used in this post are mostly from my Instagram account and all of them are taken with an iPhone.

Any tips to relieve fear of flying?

I want to mention, that my flights usually last 2,5 hours or less, therefore my experience is related for short flights. When I dare to step on a huge plane to fly over an ocean I hope to extend my tip list.

1. Sleep less before a flight

Because if you get tired on board you would probably fall asleep after a take off. This tip works good for me, if I have a flight early in the morning or at night – all in all in such conditions I will sleep less than you I to and without doing anything special this first tip will make my flight experience better. Disadvantage – to be tired after a flight.

2. Work during your flight

It works really fine for me. I am thankful to my husband for this tip – he likes to spend his time efficiently and always finds what to do.

It shouldn’t be literally your work. You could do something useful for you and here I mean no entertainment – read an article or a book, watch video tutorial, write a note, make reminders, write draft emails etc. Or simply clean up your folders. I often use my computer and notebooks.

3. Shopping at airport 

Well, this specific one wont’t work for everyone and anytime including myself. I doubt it would work for shopping addicted. Here are some crucial conditions for me:

  • good shops, enough options, something unique, what I cannot buy everywhere
  • unusually big shopping amount

This tip never works for me at Vienna Airport, just because I know the prices there – almost similar with the shops in Vienna, so it doesn’t make any sense to buy products which I can always buy. By the way the size of an airport and amount of shops are not important – I made one of the best shopping experience in Greece on a small island, where I could buy cheap & good greek stuff.

4. Taking photos

It works! Finally I have one tip, which makes my flight way more better! Although I have my photo equipment with me I am satisfied with my phone and take photos with it. I take videos as well.

It is always beautiful in the sky and I get inspired on board. But sometimes it could get extremely beautiful depending on your destination.

I couldn’t resist to take lots of pictures while flying to Nice, France. The Alps and French riviera didn’t give me another choice.

Do you have any tips? What is your flight experience? Please share your thoughts.