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The North of Mallorca

Published on June 7, 2016 under Travel

The North of Mallorca

Be spontaneous? Sounds good, but that happens to me rarely. I like to plan everything in advance, my mind works for the future. Just sometimes not everything depends on us. So was this time. We should stay in Paris for two weeks, but our expectations dramatically changed. Rafael Nadal withdrew from Roland Garros and we respectively lost our travel interest. Moreover the weather stayed very nasty, so we wished to escape Paris as soon as it was possible in order to not to fall out of love with this nice city.

We left the rainy Paris in the late evening and woke up in the sunny Mallorca next day. What an unexpected change! Our friends joined us in one day and it was awesome. Sharing the same apartment meant we had a lot of communication and fun together. We stayed in Porto Cristo, in a small, but extremely cozy town on the east of the island. We explored our east coast a little bit to the south and to the north, but it wasn’t enough for us. Mallorca is a big island and has beautiful spots in different parts of it. One of them – Cap de Formentor – we chose for our trip.

So our route was following: driving from Porto Cristo – walking through Pollenca – watching sunset at Cap de Formentor – having an evening meal in Port de Pollenca – driving back home. A pretty town called Pollenca was accidentally added to the route. I didn’t know much about Pollenca, but when I saw the stairway decorated with plants  it reminded me of Valldemossa and my heart melted. We left Porto Cristo around 4.30 PM and came back around 1 AM.

For me Mallorca and similar destinations in particular are very inspirational places and I would love to stay at least for one season on Mallorca to offer gorgeous photo sessions by the sea and in the prettiest towns of the island. Who knows, maybe my wish comes true in the nearest future? While I was dreaming of staying here longer, some inhabitants lived my dream. Who wouldn’t want to trade places with this guy?

Pollenca is gorgeous. Of course the town offers not just the main sightseeing – the stairs, but lots of charming streets, old churches and cozy squares with cafes. The atmosphere in this town is amazing. I liked the location among hills very much. Although we didn’t have much time here and didn’t want to miss the sunset at the Cap de Formentor, we managed to walk up the stairs. We saw pale facades with contrast shutters, met some cats and dogs and with each step enjoyed more and more the view of Pollenca from the hill.

Summer, flowers, greenery, warm colours and very relaxed atmosphere around.

After reaching the top of Pollenca we were ready to move on. Next point in our list was to watch a sunset at the Cap de Formentor.

It was an easy drive to the north of Mallorca. The surrounding was just so beautiful – big mountains, the sea, young couples waiting for the sunset and the spirit of freedom.

Travel to Mallorca was unexpected, but it was worth it. We had a great vacation and good memories from our trip and how many towns, beaches and sea coasts we didn’t reach? Well, it is the reason to come back one day.