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Marika & Noam

Published on April 10, 2017 under Couples

Marika & Noam

I always get so excited when I have a chance to capture maternity. I like that the session has the highest meaning for the parents – because they expect their child, their huge love. And I am very lucky to share the best moments of one’s life. It is so special. 

Marika and Noam received this session as a present from their friends. It is important to me to know, that my giftcard will land in right hands, so I was a bit nervous! I have to say that Marika is a dream girl, she was involved in a preparation process. It means a lot to me if there is a dialogue. We discussed the wardrobe and the style, we scouted together locations. It was fun and easy. I want to say a few words for Noam as well – he is such a supportive husband! He took a day off to be with beloved Marika and to assist me. Thanks, man! :) 

We chose three looks for Marika and for each look we had a new location. Which is your favourite? 😘