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Published on May 16, 2017 under Travel


Those friends who follow me on Instagram have already seen a lot of pictures of our vacation in Maldives as well as the amazing George and Radka engagement session. The decision to go to Maldives in December 2016 came unexpectedly. We had a lot of work in summer and we couldn’t take our ordinary vacation. But when you work hard you should have a rest, right? Our wish was to go to a beautiful beach. I hesitated between some destinations, but beach photos from Maldives were more promising.

Our road to Sun Island Resort was endless and it probably took us a whole day to get there. Just imagine our public transport route: underground to the trail station in Vienna, a train from Vienna to Munich, then a train from Munich to Munich Airport, then a flight to Doha, then a flight to Male, then a flight to another island, then a boat trip to Sun Island. And in total more than 8 hours of waiting in between. Sounds exhausting, but totally worth it! My first impression of Maldives was from above and it was the most breathtaking view in my life.

On my Facebook Page I asked my friends if they have questions about my stay on Maldives. I received two questions from Daria and Yuliya and I would love to answer them, first. All in all it makes more sense to write something useful.

Daria: “I love active holidays. What to do on Maldives except diving?”

Great question by the way! It was also my concern, because I was afraid of a boring vacation. Maldives have variety of islands, lot of them are tiny and quiet. But I chose an active island to stay, because I wanted to do different things. There is a good choice of sports as well as water sports on the Sun Island, just to mention — tennis, badminton, soccer, volleyball, water polo, a gym, windsurfing, kite surfing, parasailing, catamaran, water scooter. There is even a golf area there. And there is a social life, so you don’t need to search for a community. Besides that you would probably rent a bicycle for a whole stay just to get from your bungalow to a wished place.

Let me say just a few words about diving. Sure you can dive or go snorkelling and do it naturally on home reef. For snorkelling it is better to take an excursion to another wild island and go snorkelling on reef for one hour with a group. Another cool idea to do is to go snorkelling at night with flashlights. We didn’t try it, because it was no offer during our stay. You could also take excursions to swim with a whale shark, but you should be lucky enough to meet a shark in person.

🚩 To sum up: you could have active holidays on Maldives, but you need to choose the appropriate island.

Yulia: “What are must do’s on Maldives?”

It is not an easy question, because each person has own preferences 🙂 I just can share mine.

  • take a snorkelling trip to a coral reef. You will meet lots of colourful fishes, maybe sea turtles or even sharks.
  • snorkelling at night with flashlights. I didn’t try it, because it was no offer, but you can imagine that fishes “wake up” at night.
  • watch sunrises, sunsets and stars at night. The most beautiful sunsets and the most beautiful night sky what I have ever seen were on Maldives.
  • to see Maldives from above. You can book a flight over nearby islands.
  • and probably my own must do for a complete relaxation — SPA outside in nature, an unforgettable experience.

Just one perfect day on the Sun Island:

06:00 sunrise watching
06:30 morning jogging around the island
07:30 refreshment swimming after sports with small reef sharks
08:00 yummy breakfast: papaya, melon, pineapple, small bananas
09:00 snorkelling  excursion on reef with sea turtles and lots of fishes
12:30 lunch, cocos ice cream is a must
14:00 snorkelling by the restaurant
14:30 going to have a rest by the swimming pool
16:00 volleyball play – tourist against inhabitants
17:30 swimming till the sunset
18:00 sunset watching
18:30 sharks or stingrays feeding
19:00 massage hour in SPA
20:30 dinner
21:00 cycling around the island
22:00 stars watching