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Kefalonia island, Greece

Published on September 14, 2014 under Travel

Kefalonia island, Greece

After our first trip to Greece we couldn’t forget the colour of amazing turquoise seawater. We were on Zakynthos island at Navagio (also known as Shipwreck) beach where I experienced such a colour of seawater first time in my life. We wanted to continue exploring the west side of Greece, where the Ionian sea meets greek islands.

We decided to stay closer to the famous Myrthos beach. We found a great place to stay called Agia Efimia, a small fishing village on the east coast of the island.

Agia Efimia is a small village, definitely not that popular among tourists, although it is very well equipped for touristic purpose. There are good taverns, restaurants and a few touristic shops. Tiny beaches, not overcrowded. One day we took a sunbathe and swam completely alone.

An advantage of this place (Agia Efimia) was that we could easily watch a sunrise from a harbour. And probably because of the harbour you have a chance to watch Caretta caretta turtles swimming among the seaside.

The Myrthos beach was truly gorgeous! It is located between two mountains, so the view is nice in both directions as well as from above. There are a lot of space out there. On the north side there are grazing goats and a small cave on the south.

The fresh turquoise water gives you a special swimming experience. I just love it so much! There were some windy days with huge waves – the water was stunning bright. I had a feeling it was an illusion. We enjoyed it so much.

Oh, and those white pebbles!!!

And unforgettable romantic sunsets with unique characters every evening!

The next destination was Assos. It is a photogenic village on the west coast, surrounded with water from two sides.

The breathtaking view of Assos from the peninsula, the place with a soul.

The peninsula is very green, the flavour of trees is strong and for sure very healthy for the lungs. The lonely road leads to the ruined castle. We were here several times and saw a young local couple – undoubtedly sweet and romantic place for dates!

Antisamos bay is located on the south west to Agia Efimia. This place is very green and here you probably understand why the island is famous for its greenness. The water colour begins with a shades of aquamarine and turns soon into deep blue colour. We didn’t know why this colour was so dark until went swimming. The water becomes very, very deep after first 5 metres .

Near Sami we visited the Melissani Cave, actually it is an underground lake. There is also one natural place to see nearby Sami – the Drogarati Cave.

One day we drove to the north of the island. The famous place there is Fiskardo. It is one of the most popular villages on the island and furthermore is the only place which didn’t suffer from the earthquake in 1953.

On our way to Fiskardo we enjoyed Dafnoudi and Embilisi beaches. Especially we felt in love with Dafnoudi beach. It is hidden and you have to walk through the forest for around 15 minutes. Dafnoudi waters are full of fish and therefore perfect for snorkelling!

And now back to Fiskardo. The colourful houses and lots of details, it is a lovely place to check in.

Lounge music, bars and cafes in the harbour area.

We stayed in Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. What we were keen on was the city harbour, where Caretta caretta turtles are common guests. You don’t have to take a mysterious boat with a glass bottom to meet turtles like it was on Zakynthos. Turtles come to the pier and swim along it. We saw three big turtles at once.

At the end of our holidays we reached the places we were curious to see. We didn’t know there is one secret beach hidden from tourists on the Paliki peninsula. We explored that area, but found other nice beaches there (e.g. Petani beach). Next day we gave it another try and found that magnificent beach.

We spent a whole day there with not more than 10 people around. It was a paradise place with dominant mother nature feeling! We loved that secret, outstanding beach.

Kefalonia is a great destination as well as Corfu, the neighbour island! I didn’t expected, that Kefalonia would be that cool. Maybe we will return there one day to stay at our favourite beaches and take a boat to the almost human untouched Ithaka island.