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Jelenas Jewellery

Published on September 22, 2015 under Portraits

Jelenas Jewellery

Inspiration is everywhere. If anyone would ask, what inspires me, I answer – people.
Today I would love to introduce you Jelena, a jewellery designer and a very creative person. Shall we know her a little bit better?

Q: Jelena, could you please introduce yourself in few words.
A: I was born in the Urals. Due to parents work I spent my childhood in Yakutia and in the Middle Asia – in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Since 16 I live in Latvia. I started my career as a bookkeeper.

Q: When did you start to create jewellery?
A: I made my first handmade decorations when I was 40. It all begun with a huge interest in handmade beaded flowers and trees. Then I continued my passion with jewellery.

Q: Why did you chose jewellery?
A: I saw original handmade jewellery piece. It was so unique that I got inspired to try making my own jewellery.

Q: What is your favourite jewellery type and why?
A: I don’t know, I like every type. It depends on an occasion. In summer time I prefer to wear earrings.

Q: I know for sure that a lot of people would be eager to know how much time do you need to create one handmade piece? I know, it depends, but please give an example.
A: I suppose that people don’t know the exact process and want to know just exact hours spent on a concrete piece. Technically I could spend between 10 and 15 hours on earrings, but if we talk about collier – then it could take me up to one month. I don’t track time, when I need to find an inspiration and an idea, to think over the future design and to buy the furniture.

Q: When we speak about inspiration, how do you get inspired?
A: It would sound simple, but I get inspiration from flowers and  works of favourite painters such as Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet.

Q: Which materials do you use in your works?
A: I use high quality Japanese beads, Italian lace, Czech soutache, Austrian Swarovski Crystals and lots of different natural stones and gemstones such as sapphire, amethyst, larimar, agate, jasper, quartz, garnet.

Q: Your jewellery is for a day or a night? And could you give some tips how to match jewellery with an outfit?
A: I think my jewellery pieces are appropriate during a day and, of course, for an occasion. They fit great with monochrome and simple cut clothes.

Q: Do you accept orders?
A: Yes I do, but this is not often. Mainly I create ready to buy pieces.

Q: Where we could have a look at your masterpieces?
A: I show some pieces on my Jelena’s Jewellery Page on Facebook. You can buy my jewellery at Lucky Chameleon Shop on E. Birznieka Upīša 20, Riga, Latvia and in Boutique on Gertrudes 13, Riga, Latvia. You are always welcome!

Q: If I live abroad, how to order a jewellery piece?
A: I will send it to your address. I send to any country where a postal service is available.

Q: Could you define your customers?
A: I could underline one quality – they all are self-confident women.

Q: Do you have any loyalty program for customers?
A: Yes, with the third purchase they get 15% off on a next purchase.

Q: What are you plans for a future?
A: To learn new techniques. And of course I would love to own a studio with a workroom.

Q: Which advise could you give to my readers and jewellery customers?
A: Purchase a jewellery piece for yourself, the one you like, and you will always find a cause to wear it!

I am thankful to Elena and hope you found these interview interesting. Thanks for reading!

Made with love, made by hands, made in Latvia.