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Karpathos Island, Greece PART II

Published on November 22, 2017 under Travel

Karpathos Island, Greece PART II

Karpathos island is a hidden greek gem between well-known Crete and Rhodes islands. In the comparison with the latter, Karpathos doesn’t have a developed infrastructure capacity to host lots of tourists. Even during summer months, in a so-called high-season, you won’t get lost in a crowd and the island will belong to you. This is great news for those who are looking for an authentic, unspoilt and still virgin place to visit.

In the previous blogpost I talked about the north of Karpathos, the wildest area of the island. Let this story continue with a few highlights of its middle part.

1 . Famous pebbled beaches 

The east coast has the most popular beaches of the island. Beach Apella is named the best beach both by tourists and by locals, but I could disagree. Karpathos beaches are very gorgeous and it is extremely hard just to pick up one. Of course Apella has the best cards – wild area, wonderful color of water and it has a very spacious sea line.

Beach Kyra Panagia is close to Apella, is smaller, a bit louder and still has a perfect shade of water. The beach has its own charm – the small greek church at the heel from where you have a view of the beach.

Another good beach is located down to the south – beach Achata. It is less-known and maybe less attractive for the tourists, however we’ve identified marine life while snorkelling.

2. Cute villages

Beyond doubt nothing compares to Olympos, but there are some cute villages in mountains like Aperi, Volada and Othos. They are not necessarily worth an extra stop, but if your route and time allows it is nice to have a short walk through one of this local villages.

3 . Fish Taverna in Finiki

What I love about Greece is that you can eat delicious mediterranean cuisine!  And what I admire about Karpathos is that seafood is affordable! My favourite fish taverna Dimithros is led by a family of two fishermen – a dad and a son. There is a refrigerator with a fresh catch of a day at the entrance nearby a road, so you won’t pass by this cozy taverna. Both fishermen help you to choose a right fish or a shellfish. They also have a traditional Karpathos fish in a tomato sauce, don’t forget to preorder it in advance!

Stay tuned for the last part! I will make a brief summary of Karpathos trip and will tell you the best highlights of Karpathos south part.