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Handmade Fashion Jewellery by My Mom

Published on January 6, 2015 under Personal

Handmade Fashion Jewellery by My Mom

I expanded my blog by adding a new subcategory “Personal”. Usually I have something to show or to say, so this category won’t remain untouched.

This post I dedicate to amazing fashion jewellery pieces made by my talented mother.

She has been doing handmade things for more than ten years. I remember she started with home accessories like beaded flowers and paintings.

She developed her skills rapidly and now she is completely into fashion jewellery. She uses different kinds of beads as well as a lot of gemstones in her work. In my opinion gemstones add even more value to her artworks.

During the years I got a lot of fashion jewellery gifts from her and I have some favourites. For example, these bangles below. The one in the middle belongs to me and I am wearing it more than five years.

Mom’s bangles are fantastic. They are adjustable and extremely comfortable to wear. Moreover they are going well with almost everything. I wore them during a day, at parties and even at tennis tournaments (as a spectator of course).

Other pieces, which I adore – ear clips, hear bangle, brooch. This set I have in two colours – black and pearl. It is easy to combine these items and even if I wear them together it can’t get too much.

And below just two more combinations of pieces from my winter set. Lovely!

The gorgeous custom made hair accessories are popular not only during warm days in summer. For example this black piece goes well with winter clothes.

For a casual look I love this darling – cute mini brooch. It gives some vibrance to a casual minimalistic look.

For special occasions my mom creates personalised jewellery.

Do you wear handmade jewellery and what is your opinion on it?