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Florence and Franck Wedding

Published on May 19, 2017 under Weddings

Florence and Franck Wedding

A bit more than one month ago I and my lovely assistant Nik had a wonderful time at Florence and Franck’s wedding. It was a honour for us to photograph their beautiful day and we wish to thank guys for having us.

The wedding day was very cozy. Of course, I felt an excitement in the air, especially in the morning while getting ready. But this is must have, I suppose. Nevertheless I think the couple organised their wedding in a very warm and relaxed way.

I would love to show you the reportage of the day with candid moments 😉

Florence appearance to the venue was marvellous — she came by a motorbike, which drove the guests crazy and she was dressed to kill! Instead of wearing a wedding dress, Florence chose a voluptuous bright skirt with an white top. She definitely has a taste of style. Franck was waiting for her in elegant suit. What a couple!

The ceremony was held among family members and closest friends in the heart of Dürnstein town. I guess it was a special time for Florence’s daughter Eloise, because she translated the ceremony speech from German into French. It was fun, it was honest, it touched everyone’s heart. I think, Eloise’s involvement in the ceremony made Florence and Franck feel deeply their big day.

After the official part it was time to celebrate and chat with guests. Lots of champagne and congratulations in different languages — French, German and English.

The photo with champagne bottles and half-empty (or half-full 🙂) glasses transfer me into that moment. A bit later we all moved to the Dürnstein Schloss Hotel for a lovely wedding dinner.

The Dürnstein Schloss Hotel was just so perfect to have a dinner and to talk to each other. Great community, delicious food, classy interior. Florence and Franck’s wedding day was so good!

And it was not the end of a day at this point. They wanted to treat their guests and invited everyone to the boat ride to explore the beauty of Dürnstein area from the river. Two boats full of happy people were at our disposal. French music, crazy dance on the boat — like there is nobody watching 🙂 Love these sincere moments.