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Floral Workshop

Published on March 16, 2015 under Personal

Floral Workshop

On the 14th of March I had a pleasure to visit flower workshop. The meeting was organised by Evgenia Atamanova (event organizer in Vienna) and by Darya Tuembaeva (she leads her flower studio in Moscow) in a charming Rori’s bakery.

The participants were all creative persons and I was very happy to meet people with interests: Natascha owns Deco Clay Craft School in Austria, Natali is a decorator and wedding planner.

Before the practical part our flower enthusiast group was introduced to presentation from Flowerbazar studio. This is one of the famous flower studios in Moscow, they are working on unique projects and are part of the most beautiful weddings in Russia.

During presentation I saw amazing works, very inspirational and of course I must admit that the level of wedding decoration in Moscow is very high.

The masterclass took four hours. It was my first “serious” work with flowers. I filled the wooden basket stepwise: first with basic herbs, than with basic and filling flowers, later with the heart of composition – with main flowers and the last with exclusive, expensive background flowers and flowers, which finalise the shape of the composition. Do you recognise them in my composition?

In our case the base flowers were roses in two colours and filling flowers were carnations. The heart of the composition was a white poppy (rare flower). The background flower role was dedicated to ranunculus flowers. And finally the last touch were made my tulips.

All in all it was not that easy as I thought, but definitely worth it! I had a lot of fun! By the way I made later a flower crown, check it out :) .