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Dream Wedding in Punta Cana

Published on November 28, 2016 under Interviews, Weddings

Dream Wedding in Punta Cana

One year ago there was a beautiful wedding in Punta Cana, which made me speechless. It was a barefoot beach wedding with a genuine couple in love, happy guests, with relaxed and sincere atmosphere which you probably could imagine from the best romantic movies. But I honestly say – it was way better than that. Dani and Benny’s day was perfect and too good to be true. I would love to thank them again and again for the Friday, the 13-th of November 2015, which will be forever in my heart.

The journey began almost one week prior to the wedding day, when the couple traveled with some of their relatives and closest friends to Punta Cana. The most of the wedding guests stayed in the same hotel with the couple and all had a lot of fun together.

The wedding was held in Jellyfish restaurant by the sea with an inspirational view. The venue had a competent wedding planner team, who helped Dani and Benny in every aspect of their celebration – they bespoke all the details starting with major moments like schedule of the day and ending up with a menu degustation. After this experience I would suggest all the future brides to consider to hire a professional, who will take care of your big day. 

The timing of the day was great. The ceremony was scheduled just a few hours before sunset, therefore the bride and all her girls had enough time for getting ready. Dani looked stunning in her incredible wedding dress while walking down the aisle with her uncle. Benny waited patiently for the bride to come. The ceremony time was brief, but it was meaningful and just long enough to melt everyone’s heart. Both said heartfelt speeches during the most important part of a day. After a conclusion of the ceremony the celebration followed with a cocktail hour. And when the sun set down the party begun.

The Dominican Republic’s spirit had an influence on an entertainment program, the wedding was vivid. Traditionally Dani and Benny opened the dance floor to their favourite song. Dancing in a moonlight made the first dance special. Than guests were invited to join and good latin and popular tunes kept the dance floor packed. 

It was priceless to see how many people were in Punta Cana for Dani and Benny. But even those who didn’t come were somehow present – the maid of honor and the best man with a support from closest friends collected a lot of congratulatory videos from the absent guests. It was a huge surprise for the couple. 

I couldn’t resist to ask the bride Dani some questions and share the answers with you:

Q: Your love story has to begin somewhere. How did you two meet?
A: Ohhh ;) There really is no romantic story to it as we really did get to know each other at a disco (Mausefall). We just exchanged phone numbers and he messaged me the next day – more or less ;)

Q: What is your proposal story?
A: Benny surprised me with a holiday to the Dominican Republic as it was my 30th Birthday. On my Birthday itself there was actually nothing special until the evening as he arranged a Candle-Light- Dinner by the beach and on the cake was written.” Do you want to marry mi”  – it was just perfect!

Q: Without doubt the Dominican Republic is a paradise on Earth. But why did you choose exactly this country as your wedding destination?
A: We decided for the Dominican Republic because we passed quite by mistake a wonderfully arranged wedding just one day after the proposal and we were hooked the moment we saw it.

Q: What were the challenges you ran into while planning a wedding abroad?
A: Although we saw that the wedding – we saw there – really was perfectly arranged, we often had difficulties to get hold of them and from time to time we really had doubts if that will have a good ending but we knew that in the worst case we would still have a nice holiday ;)

Q: Dani tell us about your gown, Benny tell us about the rings.
A: I looked at many but we decided for that one as “my little sis” Cate was sure that this dress is the right one ;)  Benny: He bought the ring two day before we left the country.

Q: What was your most memorable moment of the day?
A: Everything! We two holding hands and watching the heart shaped balloons fly away. I felt blessed for the wonderful words Benny said about me and our dance as it was really us. And another magical moment was for us when Maxi, our son, took the microphone and talked about aliens. I was grateful for all our friends who came with us to the other side of the world and my wonderful maid of honor – Thankful for Marika to do my Make up and that she is so gifted – Blessed for the wonderful family I married into and because my family came too (my uncle had never been so far from home before and that he walked me down the aisle). Grateful for you Janita that you joined the adventure and for the musicians as we did not know if they would come or not and if they would play our songs as we got to know them via couchsurfing and  so many more things…

Q: What was your biggest surprise during the wedding day?
A: Benny: The movie our friends made for us  Dani: The magical mood – thinking about it still touches me!!!

Q: Describe in three words what was your wedding like.
A: Best day ever!

Q: How did you spend your honeymoon?
A: Ohhh – we had an amazing time in Puerto Rico. We rented a car and discovered the island – that was actually the first time we did that and we both loved it.

Q: What advice could you give to a bride to be and a groom to be?
A: Get married by the sea!

A lot of people are dreaming of destination weddings, but just a few of them pursue this dream into reality. Dani and Benny took their time and made a high day for their guests. I bet it was an unforgettable experience for everybody involved and it was a honour for me to be a part of Dani and Benny’s big day.