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Corfu island, Greece

Published on November 10, 2014 under Travel

Corfu island, Greece

The journey in Greece continues! After exploring Zakynthos and Kefalonia islands our next destination was not far away from the previous two. We hesitated between Spain and Greece, but decided to complete our trilogy in Ionian sea.

Corfu is the greenest island in Greece, it has more than three millions olive trees. Olive trees are literally everywhere! Wherever you go, trees will accompany you.

The island is extended from north to south. We stayed at the north east of the island close to Ipsos. It is quiet, not overcrowded and beautiful there. Most of the beaches are tiny, but secluded. Our favourites – Nissaki beaches.

Beside olive trees there are a lot of different citrus plants there, as well as fig trees, pomegranates, kumquats. Kumquat is especially popular on the island, because it was brought to Europe first to Corfu from Asia. There are different delicious sweets with kumquats in grocery stores.

After exploring the neighboured villages on the north east we decided to continue with the north. The most popular destination there was Sidari, which has Canal D’Amour story. It states that if you swim through the cave, not canals, with your beloved one, you will be always together. Many tourists are confused with several canals and don’t find Canal D’Amour cave.

Sidari is beautiful. The water is green and the location is recommended if it is not windy. Although I’m not into sandy beaches, I found a really good one there – Apotripiti beach, amazing scenery and few people.

Next highlight on the north is famous landscape Cape Drastis, which is definitely worth seeing.

For those who want to get closer is possible to buy a ticket to the park, located on a private area. My tip – go first down to the beach! It is wonderful there!

Next place on the route is Logas beach. If it is windy, you wouldn’t find any beach there.

One day we were finally ready to explore west side of the island. As usual we didn’t take any GPS navigator and I used maps to calculate the nearest road. Luckily we were driving through Ano Korakiana, the small charming village.

Tiny streets and houses, churches, amazing breathtaking view of the valley. Although this village is not among must-sees in Corfu guidebooks I would recommend you to visit it.

Truly highlight of the island is Paleokastritsa! Nice pebble beaches, historic monastery, lots of coves – all inclusive.

Paleokatritsa is also a good resort for those diving-addicted.

Monastery area is small and full of tourists and cats, lazy cats.

The water colour is different from beach to beach, but mostly with a light touch of green.

One of my favourite places in Paleokastritsa is La Grotta Beach. This is actually two in one – the bar and the rocky beach.

The beach is sunny only in the morning till the midday, afterwards the bar dominates.

The water has an amazing emerald colour! Unbelievable beautiful nature!

The best Corfu beaches are located in Paleokasritsa region and are reachable only by boat. Taxi boats are common, but in Liapades Bay taxi has reasonable prices.

On the way from Paleokastritsa to famous Kaiser’s Throne are some good beaches: Liapades, Ermones and Mirtiotissa.

Kaiser’s Throne is located in Pelekas, a small village in the mountains. The name comes from the history. Kaiser Wilhelm II brought fame to Pelekas, going there often to watch a sunset.

Sunset spot is accessible by car, but we decided to take a walk through the village. We saw lots of cats laying on the roads.

Our next destination was Corfu town and Achilleion palace was on the way. It was built for Empress of Austria also known as Sisi. The location is great, but the palace inside is almost empty.

Finally we came to Corfu town. The old town is photogenic, has beautiful streets, churches, squares, towers, Venetian houses. Moreover the city is full of life.

One additional advantage of Corfu Town is Kanoni district. Not only famous Vlacherna monastery and Mouse island attracts people, but also airplanes landings and takeoffs!

It is such a strange feeling when an airplane stops for a second on a runway and then begins taking off while you are on the opposite site of a runway. But landings are more thrilling!

We visited places we wanted to see. Afionas wasn’t really on our wishlist, but we gave this village a try.

We didn’t have any expectations, but the village was exceptionally beautiful. It seemed the time stopped there.

We went through the whole village and saw a road. We took all beach equipment from the car and hit the road. In 10 minutes we saw this spectacular panoramic landscape.

Three beaches were hidden there. Lovely place!

Afionas had also the best sunset spot on Corfu. Lots of cars came here in the evening to watch the sunset. Highly recommended place!

Our journey came fast to an end. We had only one full day on the island left and it was my birthday! We went to Liapades Bay, took a boat taxi and spend the whole day on the remote Paradise Beach.

We had unforgettable holidays on Corfu.