Janita Sumeiko Photography

Creative Photography Projects

Hi there,
We are a team of enthusiasts with a huge interest in fine art photography, fashion, nature and pastel colours. We see photography as a creative process, where details and organisation matter. People, lightening, location, teamwork, decorations — we make all these things play nice together, arising exceptional photography projects.

The idea

Last summer we ran a little experimental photography project, shooting a young girl in the forests of Vienna. We have put a lot of effort, designing crown of flowers, picking awesome location in the forest, doing lightening and working a lot with the girl. At the end, everyone was extremely happy, since we managed to produce timeless photos.

We wish to go further. Work on a next creative photography project. Will be more inspiring, exciting decorations, at scale, lightsome, romantic, pastel colours, wonderful people personalities, cozy locations, fine art. Everyone wins.

We are looking for models to join — ideally a pair in love, or an engaging individual.
See “Wanna join?” section below.

More photos…

🍭 Wanna join?

A couple* or a single woman with a big interest in modelling. Creative, open, appreciates other people work. With a willing to make the world a better place 🙃 😉

Some experience in modelling, posing, working with photographers, film makers will be beneficial.

If you feel it correlates with you, please get in touch with us today!
Please send us your name, portrait photo and full body photo, not older than a year.
janita.sumeiko AT gmail DOT com
+4368120663662 (also WhatsApp messenger)

Also note, we don’t pay. Instead we collaborate on TFP conditions. We would be happy to sponsor a dress, if required. Or we invest in your look, style 👗 💄

* It’s also okay, if you are a girl/women, who can take a boyfriend/husband along.

The team

Janita Sumeiko, is a professional photographer. She is doing stage directing (works closely with models on posing/style). Jana also does decorations, hunting best locations and a lot of photos retouching work.

Nik Sumeiko is doing lighting engineering, assuring photographer gets the best light possible in weather conditions available. Nik also works on projects marketing and does organisational tasks.

We always have various creatives joining: makeup artist, stylist and barbers. Everyone with a goal to help our models feel confident and the project to thrive.