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Thai Princess

Published on November 25, 2014 under Portraits

Thai Princess

I am very excited to share with you my first photo session. Occasionally the first photo session I took appears in my blog just now. It was held in beautiful Schönbrunn park at the end of winter.

The weather stayed very warm. It was a perfect day for us. We were be able to go through the whole park talking, laughing and taking pictures.

As we were about to go up to Gloriette we saw a yellow paper hanging on a tree. That paper raised our interest, something was written on it: “am Ende der Treppe den dicksten Baum umarmen!”. Literally translating german into english: “at the end of stairs hug the thickest tree”.

Of course we went up the stairs. We were in a hidden place in Schönbrunn park. My model saw the first thick tree and hugged that.

Some minutes later we realised that there was a thicker tree there. Without hesitation we wanted to hug it. The same type yellow-coloured envelope was hanging on the thickest tree. We knew something was inside.

The next direction was written on the envelope. It was a game. Some minutes later came small kids with two women. We were happy we didn’t open the envelope! :) Inside were chocolates for children, they hugged together the tree and went further following the new direction.

But we continued our photo session. :)

I hope you enjoyed this photos in Schönbrunn. You might also like another photo shooting in charming Vienna city.