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Swimming Pool

Published on May 29, 2016 under Couples

Swimming Pool

If summer doesn’t come to you, you can always travel to summer all year round by picking the right destination. It is warm if not hot in the Dominican Republic throughout the year, making this country a paradise. It is an incredible to enjoy a piece of summer while it is cold in Europe. Stepping out of an airplane into a humid tropical climate – sounds great, no? The Dominican Republic has everything to offer their guests a good rest.

Sunny and warm days went incredibly fast, it was always something going on. Nevertheless we managed to save some precious time for this lovely photo session. Previous blog post from Saona island I published earlier this year. Once again it was a big pleasure for me and my husband to be around this wonderful family!

Dani and Benny are young, successful in their careers, both very beautiful, open-hearted and having the wonderful son Maxi – in one word – happy family. They are very active, have different interests and definitely cannot imagine their life without sports. They are fit and good at many sports. Moreover Benjamin has a unique passion for diving and he gives diving lessons in Austria as well as abroad – in Croatia, for example.

I guess it was a little bit unusual for them not being in motion, but I think we all did a good job :). Let’s enjoy the summer!

To be continued… Stay tuned!