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Sunset in Ipsos, Greece

Published on October 12, 2014 under Portraits

Sunset in Ipsos, Greece

Last time you saw my husband Nik working in Greece. Now I want to share with you our evening in Ipsos, Corfu island, Greece.

We were driving back to our apartment when I saw this… Amazing view, the photo is below.

Amazingly how the time of a day changes the aura of location. During the day it was an ordinary beach. But that evening we saw this usual place with totally different character. I first saw the pier, then a romantic couple on it… And I immediately saw the whole picture – palms, sunset with beautiful soft colours, lovely couple, seawater, even pebbles on the beach.

Of course, my husband had no chance to get back in the car. I stopped, took my camera and began photoshooting unexpectedly.

I was inspired by water and colours, the surrounding seemed delicate.

We waited till the end of the date of that couple. Then the pier was ours!

The colours of the sunset were sweet.

After taking lots of pictures at the end of the pier, we were going back to the beach as I saw the reflection of street laterns.

My husband Nik seems to be happy there.

Hope you enjoyed the beauty of Ipsos, that lovely place on Corfu island.