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Saona Love

Published on February 28, 2016 under Couples, Weddings

Saona Love

Saona island is located in the Dominican Republic and for sure it is a dream destination. It is a place to relax and to enjoy unendless summer. Can you imagine plenty of palm trees and coconuts, warm water, soft sand, pure nature in November? I know many long destination travellers can, but for me it is still like a miracle – something unreal and exotic.

We (bride, groom, their families and friends) stayed in mainland of the Dominican Republic in Punta Cana and one day wished to explore the popular “bounty” island Saona. That’s the one, where famous Bounty chocolate bar TV commercial was filmed in 90s. Our day in the island was truly inspiring and the road was joyful too! Saona is an amazing destination, definitely worth visiting! I am sure you will never have enough time to stay there…

We were lucky to do a pre-wedding photo session on Saona. I couldn’t dream a location better than this! Despite of the fact that Saona is famous among tourists, we easily found a quiet place.

The bride and the groom are beautiful – like in Hollywood movies. Truly happy people, who are crazy in love! I admit it was a pleasure to capture their feelings.

We weren’t alone :). Maxi, their son, was with us and wanted to have some fun. The bride and the groom should be very proud of a boy!

Gorgeous bride-to-be :)

Maxi is a little heartbreaker! He is unbelievably sweet :)

At the end, the bride and the groom were ready to fresh up in the Caribbean sea!

Oh, those were the days…

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