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Glamour Rock

Published on April 22, 2015 under Portraits

Glamour Rock

It was a cold Sunday. We met far away from a desired photo shooting place in Floridsdorf. My beautiful model Karina is a musician and she recorded her new song in a studio.

Recording took about two hours, needless to say it is a very hard job. Two hours of pure singing and each time it should sound better and better despite of tiredness.

The weather got worse, it began to rain. Outside was cold. I’m writing this for you to know the real conditions that day.

The Donaukanal (Danube Canal) in Vienna was chosen for the photo shooting. Colourful, urban place.

Karina was well-prepared for the photo session, she had her own ideas about the look and we talked about that in advance.

She is easygoing person, very bright and beautiful. She attracted a lot of attention from people, they just couldn’t pretend indifferent. Even some wheelmen rode back and forth, later on my camera I saw their human-like hands in front of her!

I mentioned above that Karina is a beautiful woman. She has oriental roots, her eyes are deep black and her hair is incredible!

Karina liked posing a lot and we probably made hundreds of different pictures.

The photo session took more than two hours, but Karina seemed to be so fresh and had plenty of energy to continue.

Little by little the sun went down, which meant it was less sun light. But we couldn’t resist to make some more pictures with city light.

It was a pleasure to photograph Karina and meet her in person, she is such a lovely girl!

I want to thank you for watching and I would appreciate your feedback below. What do you think about this photo shooting?

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