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By the window

Published on March 24, 2015 under Portraits

By the window

I guess you didn’t see my new posts for a while. Meanwhile I got some fresh photoshoots and I’m eager to show you the first one.

For this photo shooting I had some ideas in my mind and the main idea was to arrange a cosy relaxed atmosphere. Do you think we succeeded?

We had only one casual elegant look. By the way it’s not our first photo session. Do you remember the city girl?

Back to the image. By using different fashion jewellery, mostly made by my mom, we wanted slightly affect the look, not changing it.

Please pay attention to bracelets and head hoops! These details matter.

We used spring flowers – tulips. I think after winter our souls need some freshness and inspiration from nature.

This is probably my favourite portrait for now. She is so gorgeous.

I love her greenish eyes!

At the end of the photo shooting I made a surprise for my model – the blueberry cake. Interesting that the outfit colours fit the cake.

Cup of tea for the cake.

The cake was tasty! Yummy…